“What are you celebrating?”, the photographer asked. “Reinvention” I replied and her response was,“I love reinvention, tell me more”. “For 30 years I was a Chemist in the corporate world and now I’m an Artisan and this feels right”.

She stepped away and asked me to toss around confetti as she captured my adventure I did it with abandon. I laid down and encouraged onlookers to blanket me with snow and they did.

I took a quick photo afterwards with my point and shoot camera and it confirmed that the sparkle I felt inside was making its way to the camera lens. When asked if I wanted help getting the confetti out of my hair I replied, “No thanks, I’d like to wear mine out.”

With colorful sprinkles in my hair, I left to continue living in the moment.

What inspires you to live in the moment?

The Confetti Project http://theconfettiproject.com Jelena Aleksich, founder